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Go on and help your child's grandparent out – open a Junior ISA for their grandchild

3 steps is all it takes...

Take a look at our Junior ISA – we think you’ll like what you see

If you do, you can set it up with as little as £10 – by pausing your regular payments, after your first payment is collected.

We’ll help you send a message to your child’s grandparent - so they can start paying in and you can both get your £25 gift cards! Gift terms apply.

Winner of Best Junior ISA provider for the 4th year running at the Investment Life and Pensions Moneyfacts Awards.

Take a look at our Junior ISA

Take some time to read carefully about our My Choice (Junior ISA), to help you decide if this is right for you and your child.

Apply online

Setting up your child’s My Choice (Junior ISA) with Scottish Friendly is safe, easy and you can complete your application online today. Once you're comfortable with the way our My Choice (Junior ISA) works, make sure you've read the Product Guide and relevant Key Information Document for each fund in the 'What funds can I invest in?' section above and then you can apply online.

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