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With Scottish Friendly you benefit from over 150 years of experience. Today we continue to work hard to maintain the standards that have served our members well over the years with - good value products and quality service.

In this customer centre, you'll find some information that matters to you.

Latest investor information

If you're looking for our latest fund prices, you'll find them here, alongside our fund value calculator that lets you see an illustrative value for the funds you hold.

Find all the latest information on your investments: from fund prices to bonus rates, and where and how our funds are invested.

If you're a member that has transferred to us, here's some useful information.

We work hard for you

As a mutual we don’t have shareholders. Any profit we make is used for your benefit.

When you start putting money away in a Scottish Friendly investment plan or you buy our life or term cover, you automatically become a member (or owner) of Scottish Friendly.

More about Scottish Friendly

  • Established 1862

    We've been helping customers to invest for over 150 years.

  • We're a mutual

    That means any profits are used to benefit our members - people like you.

  • You're protected

    Your money is protected by the Financial Services Compensations Scheme.

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