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Fund prices and information

Find the latest information on your investments, whether it's our latest fund prices, fund asset mixes, reports and more.

Fund prices

See our latest fund prices, and use our fund value calculator that lets you see an illustrative value for the funds you hold.

With-Profits funds

Information about the asset mix and investment returns of our With-Profits funds.

Flexible Index Annuity (FIA) funds

Find out more about the options available to customers who used to be part of Canada Life.

Bonus rates

You'll find details of our bonus rates across each product type, including business acquired by Scottish Friendly.

ISA and OEIC investors

If you invest in one of our investment (Stocks & Shares) ISAs, then this information may apply to your investments.

Latest updates and documents

Access the latest updates and product documentation for your investments and find out how to make additional investments here.

Risk graded funds asset mix

Find out what our Lower, Medium and Higher funds invest in.

Fund charges and costs

See the fund charges and costs of our UK Growth Fund and Managed Growth Fund.

More useful information


Our Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM) explain how we manage our With-Profits funds across each of product types, including business acquired by Scottish Friendly, and ensure that customers are treated fairly.

Scottish Friendly Governance Advisory Arrangement

The Governance Advisory Arrangement (GAA) works solely in the interests of customers who have a workplace personal pension and is independent of Scottish Friendly.

We work hard for you

As a mutual we don’t have shareholders. Any profit we make is used for your benefit.

When you start putting money away in a Scottish Friendly investment plan or you buy our life or term cover, you automatically become a member (or owner) of Scottish Friendly.

Helping families to save and invest for over 160 years

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Investing can seem like a tricky business, so if you have a few questions or aren't quite sure where to start, we have some useful guides to help get you started.

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