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We are here to shed some light on the nation's savings and investment habits. You'll find info on our Disposable Income Index survey, our recommendation to improve the Lifetime ISA as well as our Great British Savings Challenge which took place during the summer.

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Our handy tools are there to help you understand a little more about factors that affect savings habits.

Compare disposable income

Check how your disposable income compares in our latest report.

Compare food prices

Are some of our favourite foods getting smaller (without getting cheaper)? Explore the effects of ‘Shrinkflation’.

Compare your pension plans

Take our short quiz to find out how much you really know about your pension.

Lifetime ISA - special report

  • Household Saving is at an all-time low.

    Scottish Friendly’s report argues that the Lifetime ISA (LISA) presents an opportunity to help address this under-saving.

  • However improvements to the LISA are required.

    Allow employer contributions to be made into a LISA.

  • Address the age issue.

    Remove LISA age restrictions so people over 40 can open a LISA. Allow access to funds at same age as pension, namely 55 instead of 60.

The Great British Savings Challenge

Our mission was to make saving money as routine as the weekly shop and we tasked families across Britain to help us by taking part in various challenges.

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