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Is food getting smaller and more expensive?

Is it just our imagination or is ‘Shrinkflation’ a real thing? We look at some popular products to find out.

Mars bar silhouette Mars bar selected
Space Raiders silhouette Space Raiders selected
Birdseye Fish Fingers silhouette Birdseye Fish Fingers selected
Wagon Wheels silhouette Wagon Wheels selected
Bulmers Cider silhouette Bulmers Cider selected
John West tuna silhouette John West tuna selected
Coco Pops silhouette Coco Pops selected
Quality Street silhouette Quality Street selected
Twix silhouette Twix selected

How many bars weigh the same as the Curiosity Rover?

1990 Mars image 13,846

Weight / Price

65g 26p
Mars Rover
2017 Mars image 17,647

Weight / Price

51g 60p

Lost (space) Raiders

1980 Space Raiders image

Weight / Price

13g 10p
Space Raiders
2008 Space Raiders image

Weight / Price

11.8g 15p

One of our fingers is missing...

2015 Fish fingers image 12

Weight / Price

300g £2
Birdseye Fish Fingers
2017 Fish fingers image 11

Weight / Price

280g £2

Wheel-y getting smaller...

2006 Wagon Wheels image

Weight / Price

41g 16p
Wagons Wheels
2017 Wagon Wheels image

Weight / Price

36g 16p

Fewer apples in-cide

2015 Bulmers image

Weight / Price

568ml £2
Bulmers cider
2017 Bulmers image

Weight / Price

500ml £2

How many tins balance a blue whale?

2013 John West tuna image 875,000

Weight / Price

130g £1.75
John West tuna
2017 John West tuna image 1,000,000

Weight / Price

112g £1.75

Cereal monkey business

1990 Coco Pops image

Weight / Price

800g £3.75
Coco Pops
2017 Coco Pops image

Weight / Price

720g £3.75

Who's moving out of Quality Street?

2012 Quality Street image

Weight / Price

820g £5
Quality Street
2014 Quality Street image

Weight / Price

780g £5

Shrinking fingers

2013 Twix image

Weight / Price

58g 60p
2017 Twix image

Weight / Price

50g 60p

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