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The Great British Savings Challenge

We tasked families across the UK to take part in a series of money saving challenges.

The following families took part in our challenge

The Gee Family

The Gee family is made up of Natalie and dogs Tilly and Poppy. Natalie currently saves a little but, with the hope of paying off current debt and saving for holidays, taking part in the challenge may help her in finding other ways to save.

The Watts Family

The Watts family consists of mum Nikki, dad Richard, 8 year old Henry, 7 year old Alice and 15 month old Grace. With no savings at all due to family demands and commitments, they're looking for ways to find the extra cash for future eventualities.

Read our blog posts to see how they got on with their challenges

Why not try the challenges for yourself?

Read about the challenges we set our families and how they got on, in the blogs above. Why not try them for yourself and let us know how you get on, using the hashtag #GBSavingsChallenge

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