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Investing for life


At Scottish Friendly we believe saving and investing is for everyone. As one of the largest mutuals in the UK - and one that’s been around for 160 years - we have a wealth of experience and expertise at our fingertips.

Who are you investing for?

The reasons to invest will likely be different depending on who you're putting money aside for.

Tell us who you're investing for and explore your options.


Make use of the long-term growth potential of the stock market and put a little aside for yourself.


Use your child's Junior ISA allowance to help them take their first footsteps into adult life.


Invest for your grandchild's future using your own ISA allowance. 

Confused about investments?

Don't worry - we know money matters can sometimes seem a little baffling. We have a range of guides designed to make the world of finance a little bit clearer.

Not sure where to start, or how to find the money to save or invest? Our guide takes you through some options available.

If you're confused about ISAs and the different types and would like to know more, our guide could help.

If you're saving for your child, a Junior ISA could help you build a long-term investment, that's theirs and they can access it when they turn 18. 

Can't decide between an Investment ISA and Cash ISA? We've weighed up some of the important factors to consider for both.

We've debunked six commonly held misconceptions about ISAs and hopefully cleared up any confusion.

We're making investing accessible to all

We offer a range of Investment ISAs designed to make the most of your tax-efficient allowance and the long-term growth potential of the stock market - all from just £10 a month.

Manage your ISA online

You can manage your Scottish Friendly ISA and Junior ISA policies securely online with My Plans. If you need some help, or you're not sure where to start, we've got FAQs and tutorials to get you going.

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