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My Ethical Choice (ISA)

Many of us want to be more responsible, especially when it comes to investing. Preparing for the future is important and it can be mutually inclusive of your values, too. Capital at risk.

Could be right for you if...

  • You want payments that don't cost the earth and to invest from £10 a month or make a lump sum payment of £100 or both.

  • You want a single fund choice of an International Ethical fund.

  • You want to manage your ISA online and on the go with our My Plans online portal and mobile app available on The App Store and Google Play.

About our My Ethical Choice (ISA)

When you set up a My Ethical Choice (ISA), your money will be invested in an investment policy within a Scottish Friendly ISA. The policy then invests in our International Ethical fund, which you can read more about in the 'Invest in a single fund' section.

Flexible payments let you invest from £10 a month, or make a lump sum payment of £100 or both.

Invest alongside other ISA types up to your annual £20,000 ISA limit.

You can also choose to automatically raise your monthly payment amount by a set percentage every year - e.g. 2.5%, 5% or 10%. This is called your yearly payment increase rate.

Get a welcome gift worth up to £45 after you start investing. Terms apply.

Could you invest more?

If you would like to pay in regular contributions of £100 a month or more and don’t need the flexibility of stopping, lowering or restarting your payments, we have another product that could be more suited to you. My Prime (ISA) gives you access to the same fund, whilst enabling you to invest more.

What you could get back?

See how your money could grow based on your premium and fund choice within a My Ethical Choice (ISA). This tool provides examples of what you could get back in the future based on a payment amount.

Select the amount you’d like to invest:
Select how many years you’d like to invest for:
Select a yearly payment increase rate:

Projected returns on

  • lump sum
  • per month
  • Invested in the
  • Over years at
  • yearly payment increase rate
  • * Total amount invested of at per month

0.25% assumed annual growth

3.25% assumed annual growth

6.25% assumed annual growth
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Benefits & Rewards

After you apply we’ll send you a welcome gift – a My Rewards gift voucher worth up to £45. The more you choose to invest each month, the greater the value of your welcome gift. If you only make a lump sum payment you will receive a £25 My Rewards gift voucher. You can redeem your voucher at numerous outlets across the UK including the Apple store and John Lewis. We will send your gift voucher within 28 days of your first premium being collected.

Premium Gift voucher value

£10- £14.99
£15- £19.99
£20- £24.99
£25- £29.99
£30- £34.99
£35- £39.99

£15 My Rewards voucher
£20 My Rewards voucher
£25 My Rewards voucher
£30 My Rewards voucher
£35 My Rewards voucher
£40 My Rewards voucher
£45 My Rewards voucher

Ready to start investing?

It takes around five minutes to get started.  You’ll just need a debit card and your national insurance number to hand.  Please make sure you’ve read the Product Guide and the Key Information Document for the fund you wish to select.

Helping families to save and invest for 160 years

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