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My Style Select (ISA)

Did you know you can have more than one ISA this new tax year?

What is it?

It’s tax-free investing, using your ISA allowance and the long-term growth potential of the stock market. You don't have to choose between a Cash ISA and an Investment ISA - you can have both!

What is it for?

Whatever you like! Whether it's a new car, house deposit or just a rainy day, My Style Select (ISA) can help you invest for your future.

How is it different?

You can split your ISA into separate policies (which we refer to as 'pots') for different life goals. Handy!

At a glance

My Style Select (ISA) is an investment ISA that offers you tax-free growth potential.

Start investing from as little as £10 a month

Choose between two funds to suit your investment style

Get a £50 welcome gift when you start investing.

How it works

Find out more about how My Style Select (ISA) works and whether an Investment ISA is right for you

Apply online

Starting your ISA with Scottish Friendly is safe, easy and you can complete your application online today. Once you're comfortable with the way our My Style Select (ISA) works, make sure you've read the Product Guide and relevant Key Information Document for each fund in the 'What funds can I invest in?' section above and then you can apply online.

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