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Manage your investments on the go with our My Plans App!

As a valued Scottish Friendly member, you will already be aware of our hugely-popular My Plans service which tens of thousands of you are currently using.

The app

However, did you know that we also have a mobile app? Designed especially for our members who want access to their investments any time of the day or night. The latest version of the Scottish Friendly My Plans app is now available for iOS and Android users and gives you even more control of your investments wherever you are in the world, 24-hours a day, seven days a week!

The previous version of the app already contained exciting features including the functionality to view your ISA, JISA and bond policies online, in addition to being able to change your regular payment amount, direct debit date and yearly payment increase for My ISA plans.

Following our recent release of our biggest update yet, for My ISA plans you can now:

• Add a regular premium to your existing policy
• Add a single premium to your existing policy
• Change the investment direction for future investments



Future updates

We already have some exciting plans for new features you will be able to access as an app user. We are currently working on features that will let you take out a new pot for ISA or Junior ISA, edit your bank details and view correspondence associated with your account.

We’re continually working on improving the Scottish Friendly My Plans app and welcome your suggestions on how we can make the app even better. If you have a suggestion you would like to share please email us at 


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