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First Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour of 2010 gets on the road

Popular children’s author, Tommy Donbavand, will be sending shivers down the spine of over 1,800 pupils at primary schools across Inverclyde and East Dunbartonshire in the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour, which kicks off on 15 March!

The tour, which will last five days, will see Tommy bring the magic of reading and writing to schools across the regions with a series of fascinating interactive workshops.

Donbavand’s books are adored by children throughout the UK and beyond. He is particularly well known for his hugely popular, blood curdling Scream Street series of comedy horror novels. Tommy’s eighth book, Attack of the Trolls, will be released early, exclusively for this tour, for one week only.

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour is run by Scottish Book Trust, Scotland’s leading agency for the promotion of literature, reading and writing. The tour aims to give children across Scotland, even those in the most rural and remote areas, access to the best UK children’s authors, thereby encouraging a love of reading for pleasure. A dedicated Facebook page has been set up to keep fans up to date with the latest authors’ news and tours at

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour has visited all 32 Scottish local authorities in the last three years, bringing the best children’s authors directly to their readers. Most recently Scottish Friendly has extended its commitment to encouraging more children to read through the innovative Meet Our Authors project, which will allow children, parents and teachers across the world to get up close and personal with some of the world’s leading children’s authors via quality digital footage of them and their work, including a series of live events filmed and broadcast over the internet. More than 105,000 children in 1,400 schools across the UK and overseas have already taken part.

Calum Bennie, marketing manager at Scottish Friendly, which has supported the touring programme for more than 11 years, said: 

For many years this tour has provided an exclusive platform for children across Scotland to meet some of the most inspiring authors of our time. Scottish Friendly remains devoted to nurturing literacy in Scotland’s young people.

Jasmine Fassl of the Scottish Book Trust added: 

We are very excited to welcome Tommy Donbavand in Scotland. Our mission is to inspire children across the country through reading, writing and imagery and Tommy’s books fit right in with the current trend of vampires, werewolfs and mummys. It’s a great way to introduce children to some of the country’s most popular and highly acclaimed authors.

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