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Stocks and Shares ISA with flexible payments

Our My Choice (ISA) gives you control to choose which funds you want to invest in. You'll also have control over your payments: increase, decrease, pause and restart your monthly payments to suit you. Please remember that over time, inflation can impact on the value of your savings and investments. 

Flexible ways to save and invest

ISAs are a tax efficient way of investing your hard earned cash. There are two main types of ISA: Cash ISAs and Investment ISAs, also known as Stocks and Shares ISAs. 


At Scottish Friendly, we offer Investment ISAs. The My Choice (ISA) is a medium to long-term investment generally considered to be at least 5 years and ideally 10 or more. We realise that a lot can change over the years so we've designed this ISA to give you maximum flexibility. Below are some of the features of both ISAs, to help you make the right decision to suit your goals. 

Cash ISAs

A savings account that allows you to put money aside tax-free. This means that the taxman can't touch any interest you earn on your savings. Cash ISAs are generally considered secure as the amount you've saved won't go down, and they are usually easy to access too. 

Investment ISAs

Invest in a range of funds which includes assets, such as bonds, property or stocks and shares and grows free of tax (other than tax that's already paid, i.e. on dividends from UK shares).

Putting you in control, with flexibility when you need it

Increase, decrease, pause and restart payments. 

Choose how much money you invest, from £10 monthly payments or lump sum payments from £100. 

Choose the funds that you want to invest in. Find out more about the 10 available funds.

Also receive a welcome gift worth up to £45 when you start investing. 

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