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Our Annual General Meetings are the forum through which we communicate performance to the Scottish Friendly delegates, (who are representatives of the members of Scottish Friendly). It is also where we pass a number of important votes which impact on the direction and management of Scottish Friendly.

24th April 2024 AGM

26th April 2023 AGM

26th April 2022 AGM

28th April 2021 AGM

27th May 2020 AGM

16th July 2019 Special General Meeting

26th September 2018 Special General Meeting

24th October 2017 Special General Meeting

Attendance at Annual General Meetings is limited to Scottish Friendly Delegates, this is designed to ensure that the meetings reflect a fair balance of opinion of Scottish Friendly members. Delegates are elected by Scottish Friendly members on a regional basis. Find out more about becoming a Delegate.

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Scottish Friendly is a mutual run for the benefit of its members. We're dedicated to the efficient provision of financial products and services.

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