Delegate system & committee

Being a mutual means that we're accountable to our members, so it's important that they're able to have their views represented. This happens through our delegate system and committee.

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How does it work?

The delegate system is the mechanism by which Scottish Friendly engages with, and is accountable to, its members. The system allows members to have their views represented at the Annual General Meeting through their representative delegate (typically the delegate closest to them geographically).

Scottish Friendly has 30 delegate positions, each representing one of five geographical electoral districts (Scotland, Northern Ireland, North of England, South of England & Wales and Republic of Ireland). In addition to any vacancies that arise from time to time, one third of delegates have to retire in rotation each year and may offer themselves for re-election.

How are delegates appointed?

Advertisements for delegate nominations are placed in national Newspapers (The Herald and The Daily Telegraph) in January asking for nominations for the relevant vacant districts, either as a result of a vacancy arising or because of the retirement of an existing delegate.

Depending on the number of valid nominations received, appropriate elections will be arranged for the relevant districts. Such elections will be held at a meeting of members of the relevant district. All qualified members of Scottish Friendly will be entitled to attend and to vote.

There are certain eligibility criteria that apply both to the candidate and to those nominating. Full details of the nomination process, deadlines, elections and eligibility restrictions are available on request from the Secretary of Scottish Friendly.


What do delegates do?

The key function of the Scottish Friendly's delegates is to consider various resolutions at the AGM.

Such resolutions may, in normal circumstances, be a matter of routine, the approval of accounts or election of Board directors for example. But, from time-to-time, they may be more unusual, such as the approval for the incorporation of Scottish Friendly under new Mutual legislation.

Delegates also have the opportunity for informal discussion with Scottish Friendly's Executive and Board.

Who attends the annual general meetings?

Only Delegates are automatically entitled to attend Scottish Friendly Annual General Meetings. This is to ensure that our Annual General Meetings reflect a broad spectrum of views from Scottish Friendly members.

In addition, the Annual General Meeting will be attended by the Board of Scottish Friendly and, by invitation, the Executive Management team, Scottish Friendly's auditors and certain former or retiring Board or Executive members and Delegates.

Find out more about our annual general meetings.

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