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Looking to transfer your ISA?

Transferring your existing ISA to Scottish Friendly is simple. Here’s some of the information you’ll need to get started.  

Transferring into a Scottish Friendly ISA

If you already have an ISA with over £100 in it, you can transfer it over to us. You don’t need to withdraw the money from your existing ISA to pay it into a new one. If you do, it will count towards your current year’s ISA allowance. Instead, you can request a transfer.  

Before you do, it’s a good idea to check with your current provider for any restrictions on making a transfer, including any charges you may incur. 

Unfortunately we are unable to accept transfers from flexible ISAs.  If you are unsure if your ISA is flexible please speak to your existing ISA provider.

Transferring to My Prime (ISA)

When you transfer an ISA to us, your money will be invested into a My Prime (ISA). Our My Prime (ISA) is a tax-efficient plan that helps you invest for your future over the medium to long-term.  

After you've transferred, you can make any one-off payment or regular payments from £100 to suit your long-term goals. 

Invest alongside any other type of ISA you may have e.g., a Cash ISA, up to your combined annual £20,000 ISA limit. 

Choose from a shortlist list of funds, ranging from low to high risk.  

Transferring to My Prime (ISA)

Here are the step by step stages of transferring your ISA to Scottish Friendly

  1. Fill in the My Prime (ISA) application as you would normally if you were applying for the ISA
  2. During the application, select the option to transfer an ISA
  3. At the end of the application you’ll be able to download the transfer form
  4. Once you’ve finished your application send your form back to Scottish Friendly
  5. We will confirm to you when the transfer is complete

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