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My Prime (ISA)

We've kept things straightforward by putting together a shortlist of funds for you to choose from. Invest from £100 a month, an initial lump sum of £2,000 or both.

Could be right for you if...

You want to start investing from £100 a month or more.

You want a shortlist of funds to choose from, ranging from low to high risk.

You want to be able to ring-fence and name your investment for different goals.

In summary

Read on to find out more about how our My Prime (ISA) works and consider whether this Investment ISA is right for you.

Apply in minutes

Our simple application form takes a matter of minutes to complete. Please make sure you’ve read the Product Guide and Key Information Documents for the funds you wish to select, in the fund section above. It couldn’t be easier to apply to open your ISA – and start investing for the things that are important to you.

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