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Our prize draw ended on April 30th

To celebrate ISAs turning 20 this year, we gave 20 people the chance to win £1,000 each. The prize draw has now closed and our twenty winners have been contacted. Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who entered. 


ISAversary Prize Draw Winners: 

Katherine Howe

Lydia Houghton

Calum Sutherland 

Michael Ryan 

Jennifer Shand

Neil Reid

Mary Angela Fitzgibbon 

Rebecca Wheeler

Julie Knight 

Edward Cabraal

Karen Willamsom

Fiona McLelland

Ronelo Aguisanda

Wing Hong Simon To

Nicholas Schofield

Anthony Lee

Lionel Trigalou

Catriona Cairns 

Raimonda Tautvaisiene

Wiesner Vos


No purchase was necessary to enter the prize draw. Visit our prize draw terms and conditions for more information.

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