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My Prime Investment (ISA)

Invest up to the £20,000 ISA limit

Investing as it should be

You can enjoy the growth potential of the stock market free from the complication of thousands of funds, and complex charges. My Prime Investment (ISA) is designed to make investing straightforward, just as it should be.

One straightforward way to invest, using your £20,000 ISA allowance

You could grow your wealth by investing in My Prime Investment (ISA) from £50 a month, a £500 lump sum, or both - up to the £20,000 ISA limit. This is minus any amounts you have made in another type of ISA this tax year.

My Prime Investment (ISA) is a medium to long-term investment of at least 5 years and ideally 10. There’s no charge if you decide to change your investment direction, make a reasonable number of switches to another fund or take your money out. And you have access to your money at anytime, without penalty. Now that’s straightforward.

Of course, stock market investments can go down as well as up. So you might get back less than you pay in. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances which can change in future.

One effective all in management fee each year

All funds include a 1.5% annual management charge which is included within the fund price. When you invest in a My Prime Investment (ISA) we discount this to an effective charge of 0.5% a year by rebating back 1% of your fund value each year. You’ll see these rebates added to your unit balance each and every month.

That’s it, one effective all in management charge, no matter which investment fund(s) you invest in.

For more information, please refer to the Product Guide.

  • Lower expected risk and return
  • Higher expected risk and return

One straightforward ISA, for many accounts

When you invest, your ISA is set up and a policy is wrapped within it, which we like to call ‘account’. It’s your account that holds your investments in the fund(s) you select.

Whilst you can only have one ISA, you can wrap many accounts in it, named for all your investment goals. So it’s straightforward to wrap and keep track of your investment goals.

Managing your investments is straightforward

When you invest you’ll be asked to register for My Plans, allowing you to check in on and maintain your ISA 24/7 via any device. It’s also where we’ll upload all your account documentation, meaning there’s no paperwork or clutter – now that’s straightforward.

Apply today

It’s easy to apply. Make sure you’ve read the Product Guide and Key Information Document for the funds you select in the fund section above, and it’s straightforward from there in. In fact, it only takes a matter of minutes.